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General frequently asked questions

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Q: How can I order tickets for the train ride? 

A: All ordering is done online from our website. When you order you will receive 2 emails, one is your credit card receipt, the other is your order confirmation. 


Q: Can I order by phone? 

A: No, we don’t want to risk the security of your card. 


Q: How do I get my tickets once I’ve ordered them?

 A: You bring your order confirmation to the ticket booth, show the email or phone message to the ticket agent, and they will give you your tickets. Make sure you pick them up BEFORE you board the train. 


Q: Is there any other way to get tickets? 

A: For the regular River Train you can buy tickets at the ticket booth, since we rarely sell out (except in October). For special events we almost always sell out and don’t have any available, but you can check with the ticket agent in case we aren’t


 Q: What if we are sick or have a conflict and can’t attend? 

A: Depending on the event the tickets are for, we will make every attempt to reschedule you if there are tickets available. 


Q: Can I get a refund? 

A: Sorry no, there are no refunds, all sales are final. 


Q: I bought 8 tickets, and 2 are unable to attend, can I get a partial refund or reschedule?

 A: No, sorry.


 Q: I tried to order tickets, but it said my card was denied, but I see the charge on my bank account, how do I get my money back?

 A: A card is usually declined for 2 basic reasons: one is AVS (address verification), which means the address you entered does not match the address your card has on file. The second reason is the 3-4 digit secret code is wrong. If you use a debit card and can’t figure out what you did wrong, please do not keep trying to order, call us so we can help you (between 12-6 M-F). When you see a pending charge on your account, it is waiting for us to send a settlement. Once your card is declined we do not settle your transaction, but the bank holds your money for 2-3 days as ‘pending’. Your charge will drop off your account once the bank sees that it wasn’t settled.



Q: Do you have food and beverages on the train? 

A: We have snacks like chips, cookies and candy and beverages like soda and water in the gift car or snack car (when it’s on the train) For major events like Easter, Thomas and Polar Express we have a food vendor at the station with hot carnival type food. 


Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks?

A: Yes, just no alcohol. The only alcohol allowed on the train is what you might bring back from the Winery



Q: Winery train? Sounds interesting, what is it?

A: There is a winery at the southern end of our tracks called Villa Milagro. You would take a train ride to the end, get on a bus for a short ride up the hill to the winery, where you will be greeted by the owners, given a tour of the winery and shown how wine is made. Then you can taste the various wines they make. They also provide some light hors d’voures to enjoy and cleanse your palette. You are welcome to purchase any wines you like and bring them home with you, or enjoy at one of our picnic groves.


Q: How long are we at the winery?

A: Approximately an hour.


Q: Can we stay longer at the winery if we want to?

A: Maybe. That would depend on whether there is another Winery train coming after yours so you can come back. Also you would not be able to repeat the tasting and there isn’t a picnic area at the Winery. If there is another Winery train coming after yours that would mean you would be there an additional 2 hours. You might be better off considering one of our picnic groves.


Q: Can we bring picnic baskets for after the winery tour?

A: Yes, but you can’t leave them on the train, you would need to bring them with you, unless you choose to picnic at the station, then you could leave them in your car until you return.


Q: Are there group rates if I bring several friends?

A: Sorry but no.


Q: How do the gift certificates work?

A: If you want to give someone a gift certificate(s), you would purchase them like normal, but without choosing a date or time. You get an additional email with the gift certificate numbers that you would give as your gift, and they in turn would then redeem then by going on website, entering the gift certificate number(s), and choosing the date and time they wish to come. Then they would get a confirming email from us so they can pick up their tickets at the ticket booth.


Q: What time does the train(s) leave? 

A: Because we run on a schedule, and have to meet Winery busses and other trains, we endeavor to run on time, which means the 10 AM train will leave at 10 AM, or within a few minutes


 Q: What time should I get there for my train? 

A: Regular season, at least 30 minutes before your scheduled train time, this will allow you time to park, get your tickets, and walk down the hill to the train. For special events where you are parking offsite we recommend 45-60 minutes

Q: We are running late due to xxx (insert reason here), will the train wait for us? 

A: No, we try to stay on schedule, but do recognize that there are times where waiting a few minutes is the better decision and delay departure by 5-10 minutes. The rule here is the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. 


Q: Something happened and we got to the ticket booth late, and the train already left, what can we do?

 A: The ticket agent will decide if there is room on the next trip and put you on the next train, otherwise you will have to reschedule another day


Q: Can we bring strollers on the train? 

A: No, it creates an unsafe condition in the aisles and vestibules. Also, the terrain is not stroller friendly



Q: Where do we park?

 A: There are 3 parking lots we use based on how many riders we have. Lot A is a pay lot on Market St by the ticket booth. Lot B is off Union Square behind Jimmy’s Hot Dog Stand (pay parking) by the free bridge. Lot C is the Transit lot on South Main Street across from Joe’s Steak House (274 So Main) and is free parking. The other option is metered parking along South Main Street ($1/hr). There is a map and directions elsewhere on our website. 


Q: I had to park at lot B or C, how do I get to the ticket booth? 

A:Both lots are a short walk along So Main Street. During major events like Thomas and Polar Express we will have shuttle buses running from B & C to the entrance on Market St. The ticket booth is located in the far corner of Lot.


Q: The Pay Kiosk isn’t working, what do I do?

A: As long as you have made a good faith effort to pay for your parking and we have complaints about the kiosk, just park. We tell the town that the kiosk is down and they won’t enforce the parking fees.


 Q: I heard there is a hill from the ticket booth to the train, and I have trouble walking. Can you help?

A: Yes, we have a golf cart that can take you up or down the hill, just ask the ticket agent or trainman you would like assistance.



Q: Where can we picnic? How would that work?

A: We have 2 picnic groves, one at the station and one at the mine & corn maze. You are welcome to use either of them to further enjoy your visit with us. Be aware that if you decide to picnic at the mine, you will be there for 2 hours until the train returns to pick you up. If you picnic at the station you can stay as long or short as you like and just walk back to your car. All we ask is to be considerate and clean up after yourself. 


Q: I’d like to have a birthday party on the train for my child, can you do that? 

A: We do not have the staff to handle parties, but you can ride the train, and set up a party at either picnic area. Call for specifics.